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Sigiriya Village Tour – All You Need To Know

Sigiriya Village tour is a popular activity among many foreign tourists visiting Sri Lanka. This experience is provided by the villagers around Sigiriya rock and the activity combines many different experiences. In this article, we present detailed information about this activity

What Sigiriya Village Tour Is?

The Sigiriya village tour is the best way for foreigners to experience the lifestyle of ancient rural Sri Lankan people. This tour is conducted together with the well-organized villagers and housewives and the tourists get a chance to get a better understanding of the real living style of the ancient Sri Lankan countryside people. Also,  you can explore the beauty of the Sri Lankan countryside,  traditional village activities as well as experience the ancient modes of transportation, farming, and paddy fields, irrigation system, local customs, and hospitality.

The tour begins with the modes of transportation used by Sri Lankans in the past and then goes on to the modes of transportation used to cross lakes and rivers. Then, you will be taken across a beautiful lake to see ancient-style village houses and then have the opportunity to experience parts of the daily routine of a traditional homesteader. Here it is possible to closely observe some of the tactics, tools, and cooking processes used by them. Also, you will be allowed to taste the food they prepare in front of you later. In this chapter, we presented a summary of the activity, and let’s go to the next chapter for information about the elements included in the trip.

Experience can have from Sigiriya Village Tour

Bullock cart ride

The Bullock cart ride is the first experience of your tour. Here you are taken in a cart pulled by bulls. This was the most popular mode of transportation in Sri Lanka in the distant past and was often used to transport goods and people from the capital city to the village and from village to city.

Moreover, carts have been used to transport goods and people around the island from Colombo, even for mountainous areas like Badulla through tough roads for several days. There was a roof for the carts used in such long journeys, and in such journeys, several carts traveled together, helping each other and reciting poems. A real feeling of this mode of transport will be given to you through the village tour using the saved carts and trained bullocks.

Catamaran Boat Ride

A girl riding a Catamaran Boat

After reaching the beautiful lake by bullock cart, you will be directed for a Catamaran boat ride. Here, you will be taken by boat across the lake to the other side of the village and the rider will make a beautiful necklace out of a water lily flower plucked in the middle of the lake and put it around your neck. If you like, you will be given the opportunity to ride the boat.

Visit a Village House

Sri Lankan Village House

After the boat ride you will be taken to a village house as part of the Sigiriya village tour where can get an insight into the homes of the Sri Lankan villagers of yesteryear. You can also see the roof made of coconut fronds, the floor made of dried soil, the kitchen used by the village women, and the wood stove. Moreover, some kitchen tools such as mortar, stone grinding tools, etc., used since the last century can be seen.

Cooking Demonstration

wood stove Cooking Demonstration - Sigiriya Village Tour

The housewives in the village will give you a cooking demonstration on how to prepare Sri Lankan food and show you daily life activities such as making grains and peeling coconuts using kitchen equipment etc. Then they will show you how to prepare a traditional meal using those ingredients.

Traditional Lunch Experiment

Traditional Lunch Experiment

The next part of the village tour is the opportunity to taste a traditional meal. you will be served food in Sri Lankan style along with prepared food in front of you, and other traditional food by the housekeepers. This includes traditional sweets too.


As one of the most important destinations in the Sri Lankan tour, Sigiriya, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Sri Lanka, is a place that all tourists visit at least once. During that time, as the best opportunity to experience the authentic Sri Lankan way of life, we presented to you all the details of the Sigiriya village tour organized and presented by the people of the surrounding villages. So, We invite you to join them and enhance your Sri Lanka travel experience.




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