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Hidden Beautiful Places In Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is an island known for its many lovely beaches and lush green hill country with a number of famous tourist places. Many tourists are attracted to Sri Lanka because of its exquisite beauty. Visitors can enjoy these places that offer endless opportunities to capture the beauty.

However, like famous places, there are many more hidden beautiful places in Sri Lanka that tourists have missed because they are far away from the famous places. Therefore, many visitors do not know about these places but if you are lucky to find those places, you can experience the incredible beauty of those secret places. Rather than visiting famous tourist locations, you can leisurely enjoy these beautiful places without any crowds around. Okay now let’s see what are these places in Sri Lanka.

20 Hidden Beautiful Places In Sri Lanka For Your Bucketlist

Kahataruppa Gale Temple – Badulla

Kahataruppa Gale Temple is a beautiful temple located in Kahataruppa village in Badulla District. In the morning, you can see a view of a beautiful green environment surrounded by mountains. The surrounding environment is covered with fog in the morning but the fog will clear and the sun will shine in the afternoon.

This temple attracts tourists because of this beautiful area. As a temple from the past, it is special to be able to see past ruins, ponds, and other things. It is a holy place for anyone who likes to meditate and worship as well as the beauty of the environment. You can easily reach this temple by bus, bike, or own vehicle so visiting this hidden beautiful place is an opportunity not to be missed as a tourist.

Dolukanda – Kurunegala

Dolukanda is a mountain with a height of about 600 meters located in the Hiriala area in Kurunegala district. This place has been identified as a historical and archeological value and was a famous herbal paradise a long time ago.
At the top of Dolukanda, there is a Buddhist temple as well as a forest cave where monks meditate. Here, on the way to the place called Maligathenna, you can see the ruins of an old palace and rocks.

You can also find a fully protected rock cave with a tunnel and there is evidence of the presence of a royal residence in the past. Also, the view of the sea on a clear day from the highest point of Dolukanda called Weheragala and Rassamuna is a pleasing sight. Also, when you climb to the top of this place, you can see beautiful mountains like Ritigala and Rumassala. The Dolukanda trekking route passes through the ancient Dolukanda temple. It is recommended to start climbing the mountain after informing the priest in charge of the temple. As this route is quite strenuous, it is better to engage a local person or guide to assist you in your journey.

Peacock Hill – Pussellawa

This beautiful hill is located next to Pussellawa town in Nuwara Eliya district at a height of 1518 km. This hill is called “Peacock Hill” because it takes the shape of a peacock. You can reach here in a very short distance of 30m from the parking lot. When you climb this mountain you can see mountains like Ambuluawawa, Kabaragala, and Dolosbaghe, as well as Pidurutalagala mountains and Kothmale Reservoir.

The best way is to go to Pussellawa town and go to Kotmale on Mahaveliseya road and pass through the Doragala tea factory. You can go to the foot of the mountain by vehicle. From there you can reach the top of this hidden beautiful place in about 30 minutes.

Madolsima – Badulla

Madolsima is a well-known, beautiful place in the Badulla District. Although it is difficult to get to this mountain through winding roads, you can finally see a beautiful and quiet environment. This place is located at a height of 700m from the sea level and it is covered with fog most days. The reason for this is that this state is surrounded by mountains. The highest part of this mountain is called the Robbery Tea State.

You have to reach there through the beautiful tea plantations around. The end of the place is called “the mini world end”. If the fog is less here, you can see Monaragala, Ampara, Batticaloa, Bibila, and Mahianganaya from the viewpoint here.
reach here is to come from Badulla on Passara Road and after passing the city, take the B360 road on the left for about 20km.

Sembuwatta Lake – Elkaduwa

Sembuwatta Lake- Kandy

Sembuwatta Reservoir is a beautiful man-made reservoir hidden in the mountains. There is a tea estate and a pine plantation bordered by the lake and it is adding a beautiful backdrop to the reservoir. Swimming is prohibited because this lake is 30-40m deep. but you can have fun in a separate swimming pool nearby.

The lake is a top leisure travel destination since various activities are available such as zip-lining, swan boats, and motorboat riding. The pine forest is famous for hiking in the area.
Certainly, Sembuwatta Lake reflects the natural beauty in its magnificence and you will enjoy every moment of this journey.

Thalpe Rock Pool Beach – Galle

Thalpe is one of the most beautiful beaches on the south coast around 10 km far from Galle City. Certainly, most of the visitors are unaware of this lovely place. It is famous only among locals who like adventurous sea bathing.

The sea pools of these places are made by cutting the rock pools in the shape of squares from the coral reefs in the sea. You can swim in these pools. Not only that, you can also watch small fish and other sea creatures in these pools. The reason for that is that you can see the bottom more clearly than other beaches.

Because this is surrounded by a separate coral reef, the waves are not strong. Therefore, this place is ideal for those who like to swim in the sea. Tires are tied near the beach. You can hang them and swing towards the sea. This is a different place full of fun.
The best time to visit this place is in the morning from March to April.

Upper Diyaluma – Badulla

Upper Diyaluma is the most famous waterfall in Sri Lanka. Since the upper Diyaluma waterfall is located in a remote area that visitors do not visit often, visiting it is a bit more difficult than reaching the main waterfall.

Upper Diyaluma is home to some of the best natural infinity pools in the world. These large natural rock pools are a perfect spot where you can snap some beautiful Insta shots. You can enjoy a wonderful dip and a refreshing swim at these pools.

Sera Ella – Riverton

Sera Falls is a hidden gem located in the Knuckles Reserve. You can see this beautiful Sera Falls on your way to the top of Riverstone Mountain in Matale. It is 10 meters high and 15 to 20 meters wide and is wider than it is tall.

The unique feature of this waterfall is the natural cave in the rock behind the fall. you can walk into that cave and stand behind the crumbling water of the fall, This cave is a safe place even when the fall is at full flow.

Bambarakiri Ella – Riverston

This is a beautiful waterfall that falls peacefully in the beautiful greenery of the Knuckles mountain range. Those who visit Riverston can recognize this waterfall.
This waterfall, which falls in three parts, is only 10 meters high. The most beautiful views of this waterfall can be seen only during the rainy season.

Lakegala Peak – Meemure

Tourists who want to do a challenging mountain climb can expect the best mountain climbing in Sri Lanka. The steep angle of the rock makes climbing quite difficult and proper training and good health are essential.

Make sure you have a guide and carry appropriate hiking gear, equipment, and enough food and water when climbing this mountain. Also, climbing the mountain should be avoided during the rainy season. The best time to climb this mountain is August and September.

Adisham Bungalow – Haputale

This is an old British country house built in 1931 by an English planter and is located close to Haputale Falls in a beautiful setting. You can see that even after 90 years it is well preserved. Today it is run as a Roman Catholic Benedictine hermitage.
The house is surrounded by a beautiful garden.

Spread over 10 acres, this garden is filled with beautiful roses and other varieties of flowers and fruits. Here the priests make various products from the fruits obtained from the garden of the bungalow and release them in the market. Undoubtedly, this is one of the most beautiful hidden places in the hills, and remember to include this beautiful hidden gem in your Sri Lankan bucket list.

Sithulpawwa Temple – Katharagama

Sithulpava Temple is located in Yala National Park near Kataragama. This temple, which has a history of more than 2,000 years, is very famous among the tourists who come to Kataragama. Stone Buddha statues and many other ruins are spread over the monastery premises, which clearly reflects the antiquity of the temple. Also, around this temple, you can see various animals including deer, Monkeys, and elephants, which are living in Yala Park.

Yapahuwa Rock Fortress –

Yapahua is a fort built on a rock hidden in a rural area, second only to the great rock fort of Sigiriya. The most prominent and popular feature of this stone fort is its long ornate stone staircase. It is built on the slope of the rock with about 100 steps.

You can climb to the top of the rock along this beautiful staircase. Once you climb this massive rock it offers a 360 view of the surrounding lowlands. Don’t forget to visit this hidden beautiful place to enjoy the natural beauty of the environment as one of the hidden beauty spots in Sri Lanka.

Nilaweli And Uppuveli Beaches – Trincomalee

With a clear shallow sea, the invisible Indian Ocean, and soft white sand beaches, Nilaveli and Uppuveli Beaches are world-famous destinations that offer a beautiful tourist experience.

You can also enjoy various activities here. This is a great place to snorkel with black-tip reef sharks. Nilavelli and Uppuweli Beaches can also be known as one of the best destinations in Sri Lanka for viewing the Trincomalee Koneswaram Temple as well as whale and dolphin watching.

Jaffna – The North

Jaffna is one of the uncommon tourist destinations in Sri Lanka. You can see beautiful scenery, Hindu temples, a Fort, incredible food, and many historically important shrines in this area. A trip to the north is a different experience.

The reason for this is that this area of Sri Lanka has been under the LTTE terrorists for more than 30 years and is developing rapidly in connection with the new world after getting rid of the horrors of war. Don’t forget to relish the taste of Unsullied Tamil culture and delicious food on this tour. The North is the perfect base for the best road trip experience and train experience in Sri Lanka.

Gartmore Falls – Nuwara Eliya

Sri Lanka is an island that has a group of beautiful waterfalls. Gartmore Falls, which makes the central highland range beautiful, is a waterfall that has won the tourist attraction in Nuwara Eliya’s Maskeliya area.

Gartmore Fall
Gartmore Fall

This waterfall is also known as Adam’speak Falls because it is located near the road from Nuwara Eliya to Adam’s Peak. Starting at the top of the Gartmore estate, the waterfall is 25 meters high and eventually falls into the Muskelia Reservoir. The beautiful infinity pool at the top of Gatmora Falls is a tourist attraction. Also, this is one of the most hidden beautiful places in Sri Lanka to choose from for camping, trekking, and enjoying the natural environment.

Goyambokka And Silent Beach

Goyambokka and Silent Beach are the places of choice for tourists in the southern province to spend an evening relaxing on the beach, and this place has very little tourist traffic.

Due to its location next to a beautiful beach that has no shortage of food and facilities, tourists can enjoy the beaches without any worries. This beach is located at a very short distance from Tangalle town and you can come and enjoy this hidden beauty without any hassle.

Delft Island – Jaffna

Known as the largest Island in the Indian Ocean, Sri Lanka is surrounded by many smaller islands. Among them, the largest island is Delft Island. It is located off the coast of Jaffna and it is possible to reach here by boat from Jaffna. Sri Lanka Navy transports passengers in two large boats to reach this island. This island is a civilized island and there are special places for travelers to see during the tour.

A long time ago, this island was used as a breeding center for horses by the Dutch, and even today Sri Lanka’s wild horses can be seen on this island. Although there are few facilities for tourists, there are small agencies that provide facilities for tourists, so you will get the facility to explore the island. So it’s worth making a reservation on your bucket list to visit these hidden beautiful places during your Sri Lanka tour.

Richmond Castle – Kalutara

Richmond Castle – Kalutara
Richmond Castle – Kalutara

Opened in the 1910s, Richmond Castle is located in Kalutara. It is built on a large hill above a 32-acre estate. It was built by the Mudaliyar Don Arthur de Silva Wijesinghe Siriwardena.
Anyone can come and see this station. It is about 4 km from Kalutara town.

When you come to the balcony of this palace you can see the Kalutara Chaitya and the bridge. On clear days you can see Samanala Mountain. You can visit this hidden beautiful place and enjoy it.

Brief Garden – Beruwala

This garden was designed in the 1920s by one of the most famous landscape architects named Bevis Bawa, the brother of renowned architect Sir Geoffrey Bawa. This enchanting garden is situated on the grounds of the late architect’s home and is filled with statues and polished cement floors.

This garden is well and truly beautiful can visit and spend around 2 hours wandering the grounds. Brief Garden is located in the southwest of Sri Lanka and visitors have to cross rice paddies, fields, and the countryside to get there. So this is a beautiful journey and If you are going on a road trip from Colombo to Galle, you can add this place to your bucket list.


As a tourist, you are very lucky to experience the beauty of the country from the moment you plan a trip to Sri Lanka. In this article, We shared about the famous places that you knew and the hidden beautiful places that you did not know. So We hope you read these all details and put them on your bucket list.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Are these hidden places easily accessible in Sri Lanka? While some may require adventurous travel, many are accessible via roadways or short hikes, adding to the thrill of exploration.
  2. Are these hidden spots suitable for family vacations? Yes, several locations cater to families, offering a blend of relaxation, adventure, and cultural experiences.
  3. What is the best time to visit these hidden places in Sri Lanka? Timing varies by location, but generally, the dry season from December to March offers pleasant weather for exploration.
  4. Are accommodations available near these hidden gems? Accommodations range from budget-friendly guesthouses to luxurious resorts, providing options for various preferences.
  5. How can travelers ensure their safety while visiting these hidden beautiful places in Sri Lanka? It’s advisable to travel with local guides, follow safety guidelines, and inform someone about your itinerary for added security.



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