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Customized Tours

Insta Tours, our friendly advisory team, works tirelessly to create Sri Lanka-friendly vacations for visitors who wish to visit this beautiful island. Whether you are looking to explore Sri Lanka’s beaches, wildlife, birds, flora, history, and culture, or the warm and friendly people of the countryside, we do our best to tailor your travel packages to your liking. Sri Lanka is currently the number one tourist destination and is famous for its diverse landscape. These are mostly specialized packages that focus on several areas of the country, and we have also lined up several routes to cover all these landscapes in one visit. Insta Tours will transport you in an extremely comfortable, luxury air-conditioned vehicle to take you from the airport to each destination and back to the airport. Road Trips in Sri Lanka We advise you on the vehicles that will make your trip to Sri Lanka a smooth and comfortable journey, depending on the number of vehicles you own and the number of passengers traveling with you. Insta Tours has several accommodation options to suit your trip to Sri Lanka. We also help you choose the most comfortable and luxurious resorts in the country.

Customized Tours We Made A Reality

A tourist holding camera at viewpoint of Littele adam's peak ella Sri Lanka during Hikkaduwa To Kandy 6-Day Sri Lanka Tour.

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