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Lovers Leap Falls – A Mesmerizing Escape in Nuwara Eliya

The mesmerizing beauty of Lovers Leap Falls in Nuwara Eliya will take you to another world. This waterfall is created by a stream of water falling from Mount Pidurutalagala, the highest mountain in Sri Lanka. Let’s take a trip to explore the wonder of Lovers Leap waterfall.

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Natural Beauty and Surroundings Of Lovers Leap Falls

Lush fauna and tranquil surroundings make the falls a haven of tranquility. The cascading water, the lush mountain range, the tea plantations below and the sacred place of the Tamil people add to the charm of this beautiful place.


Lovers leap falls Nuwara Eliya

Lovers Leap Falls is a hidden gem that is less popular among tourists and is located adjacent to the Pedro Tea Estate, about 2 km from Nuwara Eliya town on Ragala Road. It must be said that the waterfall, which falls from a height of 30 meters, got its name because of a sensitive tragedy related to love.

“That is, a prince who was hunting in this area got lost in the forest, and then a beautiful girl of low caste in the village showed the way to the prince. Over time, the two fell in love, but due to the girl’s low caste, the prince’s parents were against their relationship. As the story goes, faced with societal disapproval, the lovers chose to leap off the precipice, finding solace in each other’s embrace as they plummeted, eternally bound in love. The falls forever bore witness to this tragic love saga, earning the name Lovers Leap.”

Activities and Things To Do

Lovers leap falls

Lovers Leap Waterfalls offers visitors activities to immerse themselves in the surrounding beauty. Take the perfect photo to cherish memories forever while you soak up its beauty, and don’t miss the opportunity to discover nearby attractions and landmarks. From ancient Tamil temples, and Tamil folk villages to tea plantations, there is something for you to experience.

How to Reach

Visiting Lovers Leap is a first-rate brand new opportunity. After reaching the junction where the road starts at Pedro Tea Factory,  you have several options to choose from. For a more leisurely ride, you can hire a tuk-tuk that takes you to the falls. Alternatively, you can walk along the narrow tarmac road to the waterfall. The trek has the option of taking a shortcut through a scenic tea garden.

Entrance fee And Best Time To Visit

Lovers leap fall

Since no entrance fees or permits are required, viewing Lover’s Leap Falls is very common. However, the local residents believe that the afternoon and morning are the best times to visit the falls as unseen forces are active in the area around the waterfall area when night falls. Check the weather conditions and plan your trip during the dry season when the flow is more attractive to get the best experience of the trip.

Nearby Attractions

For those looking to experience the nearby attractions, it is possible to gain valuable insight into Tamil village culture, tea production, and the operation of the Pedro Tea Factory.


Lover’s Leap Falls, steeped in legend and adorned with natural beauty, stands as a serene sanctuary, inviting visitors to witness its splendor while embracing the captivating narrative woven around it.


  • What is the true story of Lovers Leap?

According to legend, the Falls got its name from a touching story of forbidden love between two young people from various social strata. Their sad love story and its repercussions were inextricably linked with the falls, giving rise to its evocative moniker. Faced with their parent’s condemnation, the lovers opted to jump from the cliff, finding consolation in each other’s arms as they dropped, eternally joined in love. The falls bore witness to this terrible love story for all time, gaining the moniker Lovers Leap.

  • How far down is Lovers Leap?

Lovers Leap Falls in Nuwara Eliya is approximately 30 meters (about 98 feet) in height

  • What should I pack when visiting Lovers Leap?

It’s recommended to carry essentials like water, snacks, sunscreen, and comfortable walking shoes.

  • How long is Lovers Leap hike?

The length of the hike to Lovers Leap can vary depending on the specific trail taken and the starting point. On average, the hike to Lovers Leap Waterfalls could take approximately 15 to 30 minutes, covering a distance of about 0.5 to 1 kilometer (0.3 to 0.6 miles) one way. The duration and distance can fluctuate based on individual hiking pace, trail conditions, and the chosen route. Some parts of the trail might be slightly steep or uneven, requiring moderate effort

  • Are there entry fees to visit Lovers Leap Falls?

There were no entry fees to visit the falls, making it an accessible attraction for all.




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