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Super Things To Do In Nuwara Eliya In 2022

Nuwara Eliya is one of the must-visit cities during the Sri Lanka tour. The reason for this is that the city is the home of Ceylon tea known to the whole world. This area is like a tea paradise surrounded by beautiful mountains with a cold climate, which has no shortage of natural beauty like waterfalls, Tea plantations, and gardens. During British rule, the white people called Little England, and the reason for this is that the weather was similar to England. Okay Now, let’s figure out what can be seen and things to do in Nuwara Eliya.

40 Super Things To Do In Nuwara Eliya

Victoria Park

Victoria Park is a well-maintained beautiful park in the heart of city. Filled with exotic trees and rare flowering plants, the park is a tranquil place for family outings as well as for spending time with lovers.

Victoriya Park - Things To Do In Nuwara Eliya In 2022

Beautiful flowers, ponds, and many other scenic spots in the park make it a great place for beautiful photos. An entrance fee must be paid before entering the park.

However, because of its easy access and the beauty of the park, this can be named a must-see place for tourists coming to Nuwaraeliya.

Post Office

Don’t miss going to the Nuwara Eliya post office which faces the main bus stand and is also in front of Victoria Park. This is one of the oldest post offices in Sri Lanka built in 1894 and it is a Tudor-style mansion. Its bright red roof and red brick walls and finish are able to catch the attention of anyone who comes to the city. A beautiful collection of postcards and stamps are sold in the post office souvenir shop.

You can send a postcard from Sri Lanka to someone in your family or send a postcard to yourself from there during your visit to Sri Lanka, and you can wait for the postcard to arrive after going back home after finishing the Sri Lanka tour.

Gregory Lake

Gregory Lake is a beautiful reservoir located in the city center. It is a great place for tourists to do some recreational activities as well as enjoy freedom. This lake was named after the British Governor Sir William Gregory who was in Sri Lanka in 1873 during British rule.

The lake serves as a perfect picnic spot and tourists can explore the lake by renting a bike, boat, or pony as well as walking. April is the best time to visit this lake. That’s because the Nuwaraeliya Spring carnival is going on as well as the blooming season in the garden around the lake. Night musical shows can be seen in this area in the month of April

when you are exploring the city with your family, don’t forget to take a leisurely evening walk and board the floating restaurant for dinner with your loved ones.

Moon Plains

Moon Plains was opened to the public in 2014 and has become one of the favorite destinations for biodiversity-loving tourists. It was once a dumping ground and now it has been converted into a park. Sanda Plain is located 6 km away from the main town. This is also known as Mini World’s End or Second World’s End with a 360-degree view available from the top of this hill. From here you can see some of the main mountains in Sri Lanka. Among them, You can clearly see Kirigalpotta, the Great Western Mountain Kikiliyamana Mountain, Thotupola Mountain, Konical Hill Mountain, and Single Tree Mountain.

Also, the highest mountain in Sri Lanka Mount Pidurutalagala, can be clearly seen from the Moon Plains. Private vehicles are not allowed to Moon Plains therefore you have to hire a jeep to go up. Safari rides, getting close to nature, and seeing various flora and fauna of the Moon Plain are some of the main things to do in Moon Plain.

Seetha Amman Temple

Seetha Amman Temple is a small Hindu temple located in the village of Sitha Eliya, a short distance from the city. It is located about 5 to 6 kilometers from central Nuwara Eliya city. It is famous as a place of worship for Seetha who was the wife of Lord Rama in the Ramayana book. Legend has it that this place was used by King Ravana to keep the goddess Seetha who was kidnapped from India by King Ravana imprisoned.

Sri Lanka’s role in the entire epic of the Ramayana is crucial to Hindu mythology. Sri Lanka has many Ramayana-based sightseeing places and one of them is Seetha Amman Kovil. And also It is said that the ape called Hanuman met Seetha in this place who was sent by Seetha’s husband Rama to find Seetha and give her a message. and there is also a rock with a mark that is said to be the footprint of Lord Hanuman on the Kovil grounds.

By the temple, there is a river called Seetha Ganga which Goddess Seetha is said to have prayed and bathed. Seetha Amman temple is situated about one kilometer away from Hakgala Botanical Garden. The temple is of great importance as a monument showing the historical connection between Sri Lanka and India.

Hakgala Botanical Garden

Hakgala Botanical Garden is the second-largest botanical garden in Sri Lanka. It is also a part of the Hakgala Strict Nature Reserve which was established in 1861. It is home to several different types of plants and animals and the entire park is divided into different sections. This park is located about 7 kilometers away from the city, which has many species of plants such as ferns, cacti, orchids, and roses.

Hakgala Botanical Garden has historical significance as it is located near the famous Sita Amman Temple. Hindus believe that this should be Ashok Vatika which was the famous pleasure garden of King Ravana as told in the Hindu epic Ramayana.

Lover’s Leap Waterfall

A stream that starts from Mount Pidurutalagala, the highest mountain in Sri Lanka, becomes a waterfall in a small mountain pass near the town of Nuwara Eliya. This is known as Lover’s Leap and it is 30m high. The path to this waterfall is going through a beautiful tea estate. It is said by rumors that the reason for the name of the waterfall is because of a love story.

Once upon a time, a prince of a noble family was in Sri Lanka and got lost in this area while hunting. Later, a girl who lived in a nearby village helped and showed the prince the right way back home. Then the prince and the girl fell in love but because the girl was a low-caste girl, the prince’s family was strongly opposed to their relationship. For this reason, the two lovers committed suicide by jumping from this waterfall, thinking that if they had no chance to be together in real life they would be together in the soul after death. It is the story behind the name of the waterfall. hmm, moreover want to say

there is a beautiful environment near this waterfall and Nuwaraeliya city is also visible from here if you have limited time then visiting this waterfall would be one of the great things to do in Nuwaraeliya.

Bomburu Falls

Bomburu Falls is the widest waterfall in Sri Lanka. It is 50 meters high and is located in Sita Eliya Kandapola Reserve. Some consider this the most beautiful waterfall in Sri Lanka, and we are confident that this is a must-see destination for every tourist visiting Nuwara Eliya. To see the falls one has to start climbing a little hill and walk to the base of the falls. You can walk 2-3 kilometers along a small stream in the middle of the forest and finally climb a small hill and reach the waterfall.

We are sure that you will not feel any fatigue during this journey due to the amazing beauty of the surrounding environment on both sides of the road and the cool weather. On the way, you will come across a small waterfall and you can take a bath if you want by standing near the dam that is made to get drinking water, but the water is super cold.

Strawberry Farm

It is no mistake to introduce Nuwara Eliya as the “strawberry, vegetable, and tea capital” of Sri Lanka. That is because there are many popular strawberry plantations, tea plantations, and vegetable plantations here. Among the things to do in Nuwara Eliya, you can get a rough idea of the route until you come to your favorite strawberry supermarket by browsing the strawberry farms.

Also, the farms allow you to see and taste strawberry cultivation and produce, as many freshly picked strawberries and strawberry-related products are produced

Aberdeen Falls

Sri Lanka’s famous river called Kelani River’s small tributary called Kehelgamu Oya creates this waterfall near Ginigathhena city. Aberdeen Falls is 98 meters high and is the 18th highest waterfall in Sri Lanka. It got this special name Aberdeen because a Scottish who came to this part of Sri Lanka from the city of Aberdeen in Scotland ran a tea estate called Aberdeen near the waterfall, so later the waterfall was named after that tea estate name. Aberdeen Falls is the only waterfall in Sri Lanka that can be seen outside from inside of the waterfall due to the surrounding cave-like rock surround. The best time to visit here is from September to December

Single Tree Hill Temple

Single Tree Hill Temple is a recently built temple on the top of the mountain called Single Tree Hill in front of Nuwara Eliya Racecourse. The mountain got its name from a single tree which was on the top of the mountain but now the temple has attracted many tourists. The best time to go for this is between 5.30 and 6.00 am. Because You can see the beautiful sunrise from here.

Also, it must be said that the whole city can be seen from here about 250 meters above, which is a very charming sight. It takes 1 1/2 to 2 hours to go to the top of the hill near the racecourse, but the climb is not too difficult due to the cool climate of the city. For now, this station is not popular among tourists with things to do in Nuwara Eliya but it is likely to get busy in the near future.

Holy Trinity Church

Holy Trinity Church is one of the oldest churches built in 1845 during British colonial rule in Sri Lanka. It is said that the estimated amount to build this was 900 pounds at that time. In those days, the British were building churches and schools in Sri Lanka to propagate Christianity in Sri Lanka. so this church was built according to one of the Western Christian traditions called Anglicanism.

On April 18, 1954, Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip participated in the service. A stained glass window given by the Queen to commemorate their arrival can still be seen in this church even today.

St.Clair’s Waterfall

“Little Niagara of Sri Lanka” or St. Clair’s Falls is one of the widest waterfalls in Sri Lanka. It is about 80m higher and about 50m wide. This can be seen from close to Hatton Road. Waterfall got its name because it is located within the boundaries of the lands belonging to St.Clair’s Tea Estate. As of today, the water level here has decreased somewhat except on rainy days. The reason for that is to get water for the Upper Kothmle hydroelectricity project.

The best time to visit this waterfall is from February to April

Horton Plains National Park

Horton Plains National Park is a protected hilly plain covered with montane grasslands in the central highlands at an altitude of about 2100 meters above sea level. Covering an area of 3,169 hectares, this national park is home to many flora and fauna endemic to Sri Lanka. It is also a sensitive ecosystem, an important watershed, and a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Sri Lanka.

Due to the above facts, it is popular among many tourists as one of the best things to do in Nuwara Eliya. Not only those things but Little World’s End viewpoint, Great World’s End, and Baker’s Waterfalls have also become the best tourist attractions.15. Kirigalpoththa Mountain

The second highest mountain in Sri Lanka is the Kirigalpotta Mount and it is located in Horton Plains Park. This is the highest peaked mountain accessible to the general public At a height of 2388 meters above sea level. To hike the mountain, you have to get permission from the entrance gate of Horton Plains. Mountain Peak can be reached after a 5-6 km or 3-4 hour trek from the park’s main road.

Thotupolakanda Mountain

The third-highest mountain in Sri Lanka is located in Horton Plains National Park. This mountain is 2357 meters high. The mountain has a sensitive environment and also has a very rich ecosystem in terms of biodiversity. On a clear day without fog, Adam’s peak can be seen very clearly from the top of the hill. Thotupala means  Airport in Sinhala.

The mountain got this name because it is considered to be the landing place of King Ravana’s plane when he went to India and abducted Princess Seetha to Sri Lanka.

Devon Falls

The Devon Falls has been created in the Dibula area of Hatton Road. The waterfall is 97 meters high and it is the 18th highest waterfall in Sri Lanka. It is said that the waterfall got its name because in the past there was a coffee plantation called Devon around this waterfall. A white man named Devon, a leading planter from Britain has been the owner of this estate.

The best view of the waterfall is from the viewpoint located in the Dimbula area on the Colombo – Hatton – Nuwara Eliya road and there is enough space to park the vehicle. You can visit the tea center in front of the falls and see the falls while sipping tea. The Upper Kothmale Hydroelectric Project is responsible for the significant decrease in the water level of Devon Falls But Devon Falls is one waterfall that flows year-round, even in extreme drought conditions.

Pundalu Oya Waterfall

Pundalu Oya Falls or Dunshin Falls is a very beautiful waterfall located in the Kotmale area. This waterfall is about 330 meters in height and there are 3 parts to the waterfall which has caused the beauty of the waterfall to increase even more. A Hindu temple is built at the base of the waterfall and an idol of Goddess Saraswati is placed in the middle of the waterfall. It has added a sense of sacredness to the waterfall. so If you are a tourist looking for things to do in Nuwara Eliya, don’t forget to add this waterfall to your list.

Kadiyanlena Waterfall

Kadianlena Falls, which flows down in 3 parts, is a beautiful waterfall located on the border to Kandy district. The height of this waterfall is about 25 meters this waterfall breaks into 3 parts when falling. the first two parts of the waterfall are above the arch bridge over the waterfall and the third part is below the bridge. The road to the waterfall is quite difficult so it is not crowded and it is easy to explore.

Ambewela Farm

Ambewela Farm is a grant farm in Sri Lanka and was built by the British in 1940. This farm is now also known as New Zealand Farm. The New Zealand farm was built with a donation by the New Zealand government in 1960 is and also controlled under the Abewela farm, both farms are known as the Abewela Farm. Lush green fields, rugged mountains, and bright blue skies have earned Ambewela the nickname ‘Little New Zealand’.

The farm is located 20 kilometers from Nuwara Eliya and covers an area of 1500 acres. Ambewela Farm also has a restaurant with dairy products produced on the farm itself. The weather in and around the farm is always pleasant. Temperatures range from 9 to 23 degrees Celsius, with an average of 17.5°C. The misty weather adds to the beauty of this place by creating a divine landscape. So, if you want the best things to do in Nuwara Eliya during your tour in Sri Lanka, Put Abewela Farm on your bucket list.

Pidurutalagala Mountain

Piduruthalagala is the highest peak in Sri Lanka and is about 2524 meters high. The entire central province of Sri Lanka can be seen from the top of the mountain and the radar system of the country is also installed on this mountain top. Because of that, the general public is not allowed to climb this mountain but can access the top of the mountain after getting permission from the Ministry of Defence.

Nanu Oya Waterfall

Nanu Oya Waterfalls is a 60-meter-high waterfall located in the Nanu Oya area about 6 kilometers from Nuwara Eliya. The waterfall collapses in the form of water flowing down a staircase. From here, you can see the train passing on the railway line above the waterfall very clearly and it is the best sight to take beautiful pictures.

Great Western Mountain

The Great Western Mountain is the 7th highest mountain in Sri Lanka.  this hill is located behind the Great Western Railway Station surrounding a beautiful environment. Although the route to reach it is quite difficult, it is not overwhelming because of its beauty.  the Great Western railway station is clearly visible From here, and in some cases, trains from Colombo to Badulla and Badulla to Colombo are exchanged at this railway station and can be clearly seen from the mountain. Fogless and rainless days make for a good environment for climbing this mountain.


The highest village in Sri Lanka is Shantipura village which is situated at a height of 7340 feet above sea level. Many tourists are drawn to Shantipura because of its beauty and the city is also seen very beautifully from here. From here you can see the sunrise superbly

Kurundu Oya Ella Waterfalls

The third highest waterfall in Sri Lanka is Kurudu Oya Falls, which is located at a distance of 35 km from Nuwara Eliya. The road to the falls is quite difficult, but you can walk towards the falls feeling the beautiful surroundings regardless of the difficulty. The height here is only 189 meters.

Mandaram Nuwara

Often rain in a constantly foggy environment is a common experience in Mandaramnuwara. Secluded under a misty sky, this quiet valley is often out of the sunlight. The area brings a wonderful serenity to the mind weary of urbanization. It must be said that it is a beautiful experience to be able to see the beauty of a Sri Lankan traditional rural environment as well as the evergreen vegetable plantations all over the village in Mandaramnuwara.

Since the village is surrounded by mountains, it is quite dark for most of the day. from the outskirts of Nuwara Eliya city, you can reach this village in about two hours and there are facilities necessary to spend a day in the village. There are about 14 waterfalls around the village and you can see about 6 of them in one day.

Laxapana Waterfalls

Lakshapana Falls is the 8th highest waterfall in Sri Lanka and is located in the Maskeliya area. This waterfall supplies water to two hydroelectric power plants that add 100 megawatts to Sri Lanka’s electricity consumption. The 129-meter-high Lakshapana Falls got its name from the fact that compounds like iron are rusting on the rocks through which the water flows. In Sinhala, Laksha is another name for rust.

Seven Virgins Mountain

Sapta Kanyava (Mountain of Seven Virgins) located in the village of Maskeliya in Sri Lanka is a very beautiful mountain range that is shrouded in a fog for most of the day and is a trekker’s paradise. but it contributed to one of the worst air accidents in the world’s history of air accidents in Sri Lanka.

That is, Martinair Flight 138 with 182 Hajj pilgrims and 9 air crews who went to Mecca from Surabaya to Jeddah in Indonesia were completely destroyed colliding on top of the fifth hill of this mountain range. It happened 10 minutes past 10 p.m. on December 4, 1974. All the passengers and crew were killed in this accident and the exact cause of the crash could not be found because the black box which is said to be indestructible was completely destroyed by this accident.

Since there were no advanced airplanes or communication systems at that time, pilots used maps to find the routes and airports, and the airports were identified by the lights visible to the airplanes at the airports.

But due to the heavy fog in the area on that night, the lights of the Lakshapana power station near the mountain appeared through fog and the pilot assumed that it was the airport and flew the plane at a reduced height and then it collided with the Seven Virgins Mountain range with a speed of 700 kilometers per hour. It was the aviation specialty’s opinion who did the investigation about the crash. This mountain range got its name Seven Virgins because of the seven mountains that are located in a row as sisters born in the same womb.

Chariot Path

Camping in the central hills of Sri Lanka is always a wonderful experience. Being in nature always calms the mind. Out of these, this unpopular hidden Chariot path is ideal for camping and spending a relaxing time away from the distractions of modern life.

The area receives rain for most of the year, with heavy monsoon rains falling between October and January. February to April is the ideal time to visit the Chariot Path and during these months, most days are bright and clear with minimal rainfall.

Galaboda Falls

Galaboda Falls is located near the village of Galaboda between the Navalapitiya Hatton railway line. This waterfall is 30 meters high and has the highest terms of biodiversity. The road leading to this is also very beautiful and the way to go to the waterfall is by crossing a suspension bridge. The best time to visit Galaboda Falls is between January and February as this area receives more rainfall annually.

Puna Ella Waterfalls

Puna Falls is a waterfall that is clearly visible on the main road in the Ramboda area on the Nuwara Eliya Kandy road. It is about 100 meters high and falls in a y shape. The road to the base of the falls is quite difficult but the fall’s beauty can be seen from the road. Among the things to do in Nuwara Eliya, do not miss this because you can see the waterfall while traveling on the Kandy Nuwara Eliya road without spending extra time.

Gerandigini Ella Waterfalls

On the way to Kandy road, there is a waterfall flowing from the top of the mountain in the area around Ramboda Tawalanthanna, but it will not be visible to a person traveling in a vehicle on the road. When you go to the top of the waterfall which is about 100 meters high and look around from the starting station, you can clearly see the Kothmale reservoir below in a very charming way.

Ramboda Falls

Ramboda Tunnel is a place that is definitely not to be forgotten by anyone coming from Kandy to Nuwaraeliya or going to Kandy from Nuwaraeliya. There are many things to do and see as a tourist area around it and among them, Ramboda Falls takes a prominent place, three waterfalls are created in the same water stream named Upper Ramboda, Middle Ramboda, and Lower Ramboda.

Here, while traveling on the road, you can easily see the middle of Ramboda Falls, but the upper and lower Ramboda Falls are not visible from the road. Among these, the Ramboda waterfall is only 100 meters high and it is also the main waterfall. There is also a pool at the base of the falls so you can take a cold water shower if you wish.

Castlereagh Reservoir

Hatton Castle Reach Reservoir is one of the best things to do in Nuwara Eliya and that will bring you a feeling like you are lost in a different world. Surrounded by green tea plantations and mountains, this reservoir is also a reservoir that primarily contributes to Sri Lanka’s electricity production. The capacity of Castlereagh Reservoir is about 63000 cubic feet of water acre

Gartmore Waterfall

Gartmore Falls is a waterfall that falls directly into the Maussakale Reservoir and has a natural infinity pool created at the top of the falls. This waterfall, which is about 25 meters high, can be clearly seen when you go to the Maussakale Reservoir, and the fact that you can see the Maussakale Reservoir at the top of this waterfall as seen from the infinity pool creates a most beautiful sight.

Maussakelle Reservoir

Adam’s Hill or Sri Padastanaya is a well-known pilgrimage site for all the Sri Lankan people and every year a great number of local tourists are drawn to worship the bottom of the Buddha’s footprint which is believed to be theirs. On this journey, many tourists pass through the town of Moussakale and they also see the Maussakale Reservoir. This reservoir is also beautiful like other reservoirs. The water stored in these reservoirs, which were built with the main purpose of hydroelectricity generation in Sri Lanka, is the basis of electricity generation in Sri Lanka.

Among them, Maussakale Reservoir fills an area of 9300 hectares with water and from it, 60 megawatts of electricity are added to the national grid. For tourists, a boat ride in this reservoir has been facilitated Also, there are two waterfalls called Moray and Gatmora that supply water to this reservoir has added a surprising beauty. When the water level of the reservoir goes down during heavy drys, the ruins of the old Maskeliya city, which was destroyed during the construction of the reservoir, can still be seen today after more than 50 years. Among them, the ruins of a temple and a Kovil can be clearly seen. If Hiking Adam’s Peak is on your list of things to do in Nuwara Eliya, remember to explore this reservoir on the way.

Oak Ray Tea Garden

One of the best things to do in Nuwara Eliya is to see how Ceylon tea is made in a tea factory. Everyone knows that Sri Lanka is a country that has won an excellent title in the world tea market. So it is a great experience to see the tea that won the world being produced in Sri Lanka. Many tea factories around Nuwaraeliya City are ready to teach and show tourists the tea production process. And they don’t forget to treat the tourists with a cup of Ceylon tea.

But in Sri Lanka as well as in the world tea market, it is a new experience to get to taste a type of tea that is of high value and high price. In fact, each of these factories gives all types of tea free to taste very rarely and there are almost no places where you can taste any type of tea you want. But Oak Ray Tea Bush is a place that gives that opportunity to tourists without being greedy. When you go here, you will have the opportunity to taste the best types of tea in Sri Lanka, and you can enjoy a cup of tea from any of their products for free.

By doing this, they also give tourists an idea about tea and popularize Sri Lankan tea among tourists. So when you are out of town, don’t forget to go here and taste all the teas in Sri Lanka. Also, don’t forget to buy their products and support them as much as you can.

Adam’s Peak

If you ask what is the most famous and most thrilling pilgrimage place in the Indian subcontinent, the Answer is Adam’s Peak which is the one and only in the world. At 7,359 feet high, the peak is frequently visited by devotees of almost every major religion from around the world.

It is most famous for its footprint. Buddhists believe it is the footprint of Buddha, Hindus believe it is the footprint of the god Shiva, Muslims believe it is the footprint of the god Allah, and Christians believe it is the footprint of St. Thomas. And rest believe that it is the footprint of Adam. The mountain is climbed to worship the footprint.

There are three main roads to reach the top of the mountain and there are only 6 roads including sub-roads. The most famous of these roads are the Nallathanniya and Ratnapura routes and many foreign, as well as domestic tourists, choose the Nallathanniya route. It is because of the facilities along this road. This road has about 5000 steps to climb It is about 8 kilometers of climbing and it is a 4-6 hour full journey. The shape of this hillock is like a pyramid, so the space at the top is very limited.

Many foreign tourists choose to climb this mountain to see the most beautiful sunrise in the morning. It is such a beautiful sight. On one side you can see the sun coming up from the distant ocean in the east and at the same time, you can see the shadow of the mountain in the west. It is for these reasons that many tourists choose this mountain top among the things to do in Nuwara Eliya. If you come to Sri Lanka, don’t forget to take the blessings here and watch the sunrise in the morning.

Kolapathana Waterfalls

Kolapatana Falls, which is more than 50 meters high, is a waterfall near the village of Mandaramnuwara that was created from a waterway coming from Mount Piduruthalagala. To reach it, one has to walk about 800 meters from Mandaramnuwara and can be reached here between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. The best time to see sights here is before 12 noon from January to April. It is because there is less fog and less rain.

Shri Bhakta Hanuman Temple

The spiritual bond between Sri Lanka and India spans centuries and among them, the Ramayana is a famous bond. Tourist stations related to Ramayana are spread all over Sri Lanka and among the stations in the Nuwara Eliya area, another station related to Ramayana is this temple site in the Ramboda area.

It is popularly believed that Ravana took Sitha from India and kept her hidden in this area and  Hanuman who was sent by Rama to search for Sitha was searching for Sitha in this area. Built-in 1999, this temple is a temple dedicated to Hanuman and is very famous among the devotees of the Indian Lord Hanuman.

If you are planning a tour to Sri Lanka, we think that you will not forget to come to Nuwara Eliya and I am 1000% confident that at least 4-5 of the above 40 spots will hit your eyes without much effort while you are in Nuwara Eliya. So, if you are coming to Nuwara Eliya during your tour to Sri Lanka, It is better to have an idea of the best things to do in Nuwara Eliya before you come, and It will be easier for you.

As the best travel partner in Sri Lanka, We, Sri Lanka Insta Tours provide information in this way to make your trip easier and unforgettable memory. So if you also want to go on your own travel itinerary, we are committed to providing travel facilities through any place and creating your own itinerary. So don’t think twice to contact us for any help you need to make your Sri Lanka trip the best it can be.




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