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Welcome to the comprehensive guide outlining the Privacy Policy and Terms of Service for this website. Prior to utilizing this platform, we strongly encourage you to carefully review the following guidelines.

This Privacy Policy encompasses the entirety of this website, including its web pages and articles, which can be accessed via the following link:

Policy Overview

  1. Cookies & Privacy
  2. Contact Forms & Comments
  3. Embedded Content & Hyperlinks
  4. Affiliate Links
  5. Disclaimer
  6. Intellectual Property
  7. Terms & Conditions

Cookies & Privacy Policy

In our efforts to enhance user experience, this website collects visitor information through cookies. This data primarily aids in trend analysis and tracking user behavior related to specific subjects. This aggregated data assists us in curating content that serves the interests of our travel community.

Cookies enable us to monitor user interaction, optimizing content delivery. Additionally, Google Analytics utilizes anonymized tracking data facilitated by cookies.

Information such as browser type, IP address, operating system, country, and date/time of website access may be collected. To disable cookies, please refer to your browser’s “Help” section or visit the About Cookies website for guidance.

Contact Forms & Comments

Users have the option to submit information via contact forms for subscriptions to newsletters and post notifications. Rest assured, any information shared will be kept confidential and not disclosed to third parties.

Subscribers may receive newsletters and promotional emails related to this website. Should you wish to unsubscribe, an “unsubscribe” button is provided at the bottom of the emails.

Comment submission, available at the end of posts, is open to users without the necessity of providing personal information like name or email address. All comments undergo moderation to prevent spam or inflammatory content from being published.

Embedded Content & Hyperlinks

Articles on this website may contain embedded content (e.g., videos, photographs, articles) that function similarly to content on external websites. Such embedded content may collect data, use cookies, and employ third-party tracking when interacted with by logged-in users.

External hyperlinks provided on this site are for informational purposes. We hold no responsibility for their content and advise users to review the privacy policies of linked websites.

Affiliate Links

As a travel company and blogger, I strive to offer valuable recommendations. Occasionally, affiliate links to travel-related goods or services are included, but only when aligned with the travel community’s interests and benefits.

This website participates in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, among other affiliate marketing initiatives, suggesting products or services I believe beneficial. Clicking or purchasing through these links is voluntary; however, if transactions occur, I may receive commissions.

Our affiliate partners may utilize tracking data and cookies to track transactions from the links.


While I occasionally write about locations visited for business, all content remains original and uninfluenced. As a responsible travel writer, I prioritize authenticity and will never endorse anything I deem unworthy of sharing.

Intellectual Property Rights

Unless stated otherwise, all written content on this website is the property of Jon Miksis and affiliates, protected by copyright, trademark, and intellectual property laws. Any use of this content in violation of these laws requires prior permission.

Terms & Conditions

Usage of this website is voluntary, and the content may occasionally be outdated. We disclaim liability for inaccuracies and recommend seeking current information from alternative sources for travel guidance.

Content on this website is provided “as is” without guarantees of accuracy, timeliness, availability, or usefulness, and your use of this site acknowledges these terms.

Sensitive personal data should not be submitted through comments or contact forms.

Please note that this policy may undergo changes. For inquiries regarding the information provided, feel free to contact us at [email protected].