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Ravana Falls

Ravana Falls managed to attract the attention of locals and foreigners, located very close to Ella town which is introduced as a must-see destination for every tourist.

Ravana waterfall is located not far from Ella town It is located 3445 feet above sea level and has a height of 25 meters.
This fall is a waterfall that makes news in Sri Lanka from time to time and it must be said that it is also very dangerous. Ravana waterfall is very beautiful because it flows between two mountains of the same height. Around here is the mountain Forest, which is named the Ravana Sanctuary.

A platform has been created to view the waterfall from the bridge near the waterfall and if needed bathing facilities have also been provided here. Bathing is allowed only during dry weather conditions and bathing here is very dangerous during the rainy season. The reason for this is that if it rains in the beginning areas of the Kiridi Oya River which provides water to the waterfall, the water may rise suddenly without any prior intervention and life may be at risk when you are at the water.

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Ravana Fall’s History

Regarding the history of the Ravana waterfall, this waterfall is named after King Ravana who is one of the characters of the Ramayana book which is a very famous epic poem among Sri Lankans and Indians.
Sri Lankans believe in the legends about King Ravana and admire his epic adventures and construction. Sigiriya rock is one of them. However, the area around the falls has many places related to the life of King Ravana. Ravana Cave and Underground Blue Water Pond are some of them.

According to the story of Ramayana, it is said that King Ravana went to India and kidnapped Princess Seeta, and kept her imprisoned in a cave near this waterfall. Some say that the place is Ravana Cave, while others say that it is the underground Blue Water Pond Cave. It is believed that at that time, King Ravana used this waterfall to bathe and play the Ravanahatta for entertainment. Therefore, it is said that Falls got the name, Ravana Ella Falls.


You can see this waterfall on the side of the road after about 5 km from Ella town on the road towards Wellawaya. It gets a bit crowded here from noon to evening because many local and foreign tourists come here. So it’s not that big of a deal. You can see this waterfall on the way from Ella to the south coast as well as when coming to Ella from the south coast.


The watershed reserve at Ravana forest is spread over an area of 4777 hectares and rare animals such as the Jungle fowl and Muntjac/ Barking deer are common in this reserve. Tufted gray langur and Purple-faced leaf monkeys are common in this ecoregion. Grasses and plants found in mountain forests can be seen and here an area of 1732 hectares has been declared as Ravana Fall’s Sanctuary in 1979.

Things to do in Ravana Falls

Among the things to do in the Ravana Ella waterfall, bathing can be called a main. But it is quite dangerous. The reason for this is that the water level in the waterfall rises suddenly during the rainy season. Because of this, the number of lives lost here is more than 33. so be careful when you bathe in the rainy season.

Best Time to Visit Ravana Waterfall

The best time to visit Ravana Falls is during the rainy season. During this time the waterfall is full of water like May to November. But the best time for bathing here is the rainy seasons like December to February. As a whole, the water in the waterfall is filled with water throughout the year, so there is no specific time to soak up the beauty.

How to get to Ravana Waterfall

To get to Ravana Ella waterfall you need to get to Ella town. You can either take a bus or train or hire a taxi from the Airport, which is about 200km away from Ella town.

then, you can take a tuk-tuk, bus or walk to the Ravana Falls entrance. It is located on Ella-Wellawaya Road, about 6km from Ella town.

Once you reach the waterfall, you can enjoy the view and take some amazing photos. There are also some small pools you can swim, but be cautious as the water can be deep and the currents strong.


Don’t forget to stop by Ravana Falls for a moment to enjoy her beauty during your trip to Sri Lanka. and please, follow the safety instructions when going swimming


  • Why is it called Ravana Falls?

Ravana Ella Falls is named after the demon king Ravana, a character from the Indian epic Ramayana, who is said to have ruled over Sri Lanka. The waterfall is associated with the legend of Ravana and his connection to the region.

  • What is the story of Ravana Ella Falls?

The story of Ravana waterfall is intertwined with the Ramayana epic. It is believed that Ravana, in his pursuit of the beautiful princess Sita, hid her in the cave behind the waterfall. The waterfall is said to be one of the locations where significant events from the Ramayana occurred.

  • Can you swim in the Ravana waterfall?

Yes, it is possible to swim in Ravana Ella Falls, and many visitors do take a refreshing dip in the pool at the base of the waterfall. However, it’s essential to exercise caution as water conditions can vary, and safety should be a priority.

  • How tall is the Ravana Ella waterfall?

Ravana Falls, also known as Ravana Ella, is approximately 82 feet (25 meters) tall, making it a striking natural attraction in Sri Lanka.




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