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Best Things To Do In Colombo

Sri Lanka’s bustling capital city, where modern urban life meets ancient heritage, offers many things to do in Colombo Capital. When you visit this vibrant metropolis, you’ll find an array of exciting activities and attractions to suit every traveler’s taste. From exploring historical landmarks to savoring mouth-watering cuisine and from immersing in spiritual experiences to thrilling adventures, Colombo has something special for everyone.

Types Of Things To Do In Colombo

Explore Colombo’s Historical Heritage

Investigating Colombo’s rich historical legacy is one of the greatest ways to get started seeing the city. In order to do that, it is worthwhile to visit several intriguing historical sites in the city.

Visit the Colombo National Museum

Colombo National Museum
Colombo National Museum

Start your exploration at Colombo National Museum, Sri Lanka’s largest museum for a look at the history of the city as well as the country. This impressive place is a valuable spot with a diverse collection of artifacts including ancient regalia, artworks, and historical documents. It is a wonderful place to learn about the history and culture of Sri Lanka

Discover the Dutch Hospital Shopping Precinct

Colombo Dutch Hospital
Colombo Dutch Hospital

The Dutch Hospital Precinct, a colonial-era Dutch hospital building, is an ancient stanchion in the heart of Colombo, although it has now been converted into a stylish complex of shops and restaurants. While you browse through its trendy shops, you will soak up the colonial architecture and atmosphere.

Stroll through the Galle Face Green

Galle Face Beach
Galle Face Beach

Colombo Galleface is the best place to go for a relaxing experience at the beach away from the busy city. This sprawling urban park stretches along the coastline and offers breathtaking views of the Indian Ocean. It is perfect for locals and tourists alike for an evening stroll, sunset viewing, or a picnic with loved ones.

Experience the Spiritual Side

Colombo is a fusion of cultures and religions, and you can see this diversity through its various religious places. Below are the best places you should go for that

The Gangaramaya Temple

The Gangaramaya Temple
The Gangaramaya Temple

Gangaramaya Temple is a prominent Buddhist temple in Colombo that beautifully blends Sri Lankan, Thai, Indian, and Chinese Buddhist architectural styles. You will be impressed by the intricate carvings, statues, and colorful decorations as you explore its vast premises.

The Seema Malaka Temple

Seema Malaka Temple
Seema Malaka Temple

Another calm Buddhist temple worth seeing is Seema Malaka, which is situated on the lovely Beira Lake. Its distinctive floating design and serene environs provide a pleasant escape from the bustle of the city.

The Red Mosque (Jami Ul-Alfar Mosque)

The Red Mosque (Jami Ul-Alfar Mosque)
The Red Mosque (Jami Ul-Alfar Mosque)

The Red Mosque is a well-known monument with a striking candy-striped front that represents Colombo’s Islamic past. Even if you are not coming there for prayers, you may still be able to watch the mosque’s architectural and cultural value as a tourist.

Nature and Scenic Beauty

Colombo has several lovely places to offer for nature lovers and anyone looking for a vacation from away the city.

Boat Ride on Beira Lake

Boat Ride on Beira Lake
Boat Ride on Beira Lake

Beira Lake, which is in the center of Colombo, is the best location for a relaxing boat trip. The lake offers a distinctive view of the city since it is surrounded by lush vegetation and urban settings.

Viharamahadevi Park

Viharamahadevi Park
Viharamahadevi Park

The oldest and largest park in Colombo, Viharamahadevi Park is a great location for strolls around the park, jogs, or just unwinding in the splendor of nature.

Mount Lavinia Beach

Mount Lavinia Beach
Mount Lavinia Beach

The best place to watch a beautiful sunset is Mount Lavinia Beach located just a short drive from the Colombo city center. this lovely beach is perfect for both a fun-filled day with family and friends or a romantic evening.

Indulge in the Local Cuisine

No any things to do in Colombo is complete without savoring the mouthwatering delights of Sri Lankan cuisine

Authentic Sri Lankan Rice and Curry

Sri Lankan Rice and Curry
Sri Lankan Rice and Curry

Immerse yourself in the flavors of Sri Lankan cuisine by trying traditional rice and curry. It consists of rice accompanied by an array of curries, vegetables, and sometimes meat or seafood, all bursting with aromatic spices.

Taste the Iconic Kottu Rotti

Kottu Roti is a popular Sri Lankan delicacy street food made with shredded roti, vegetables, eggs, and meat or seafood, all stir-fried on a hot griddle. The rhythmic chopping sound of kottu being prepared is an iconic part of Sri Lanka’s culinary experience.

Kottu Rotti
Kottu Rotti

Shop till You Drop

Colombo City offers a diverse shopping experience, from bustling markets to modern shopping centers. So add this to the list of things to do in Colombo right now

Hunt for Bargains at Pettah Market

Pettah Market is a lively bazaar where you may get practically everything, including fresh food, technology, and apparel and accessories. Get ready to bargain with helpful sellers for the best prices.

High-End Shopping

For a more upscale shopping experience, head to the one galle face mall, Liberty Plaza, and Unity Plaza, the modern shopping complexes that house international brands, fine dining restaurants, and entertainment options.

Souvenir Shopping

Support local artisans and buy unique handicrafts at Lakpahana and Laksala, The cooperatives that showcase traditional Sri Lankan crafts such as wood carvings, batik textiles, and handwoven items.

Discover Colombo’s Art and Culture

One of the finest things to do in Colombo is to explore the city’s strong arts and cultural scene.

Art Galleries in Colombo

Visit art galleries like Paradise Road Gallery Cafe and Saskia Fernando Gallery to admire contemporary artwork from local and international artists.

Art Galleries in Colombo
Art Galleries in Colombo

The Lionel Wendt Art Center

The Lionel Wendt Art Center is a cultural center where art exhibitions, dramatic events, and live concerts are held. Check their events calendar for any upcoming activities during your visit.

Colombo’s Vibrant Street Art

Keep an eye out for the bright street art that covers many walls and alleyways as you walk about the city. These works of art offer color and imagination to the metropolitan landscape.

Get Active with Adventure

If you enjoy adrenaline-pumping activities, Colombo has numerous to choose from.

Water Sports at Bentota Beach

Bentota Beach
Bentota Beach

Travel a short distance from Colombo to Bentota Beach, where you may enjoy water activities including jet skiing, windsurfing, and snorkeling in the pristine seas.

Cycling Adventures in Diyatha Uyana

Explore the gorgeous Diyatha Uyana, a lovely lakeside park that also holds a lively market on weekends, providing unique products and delectable street cuisine.

Nightlife and Entertainment

As the sun sets, Colombo comes alive with its vibrant nightlife and entertainment options.

Experience Colombo’s Nightlife Scene

Explore the city’s energetic nightlife by heading to popular spots like Cinnamon Gardens, Liberty Arcade, and Duplication Road.

Attend a Traditional Dance Show

Immerse yourself in the rich cultural heritage of Sri Lanka by attending a traditional dance performance that showcases the island’s unique dance forms and rituals.

Relax at a Rooftop Bar

Unwind with a refreshing drink and a panoramic view of the city at one of Colombo’s trendy rooftop bars.

Explore Day Trip Options

If you have some extra time, consider taking a day trip from Colombo to explore nearby attractions.

Discover the Ancient City of Anuradhapura

Sri Maha Bodhi Tree
Sri Maha Bodhi Tree

Explore the ancient city of Anuradhapura, a UNESCO World Heritage site and a significant historical and religious center in Sri Lanka.

Visit the Coastal Town of Negombo

Relax on the golden beaches of Negombo and experience the town’s unique blend of Dutch and Portuguese colonial architecture.

Escape to the Tea Plantations in Nuwara Eliya

Take a scenic train ride to Nuwara Eliya, a picturesque hill station known for its lush tea plantations and pleasant weather.

Tea Plantation In Nuwara Eliya
Tea Plantation In Nuwara Eliya

Experience Colombo’s Festivals and Events

Colombo hosts numerous festivals and events throughout the year, celebrating its rich cultural diversity.

Celebrate the Sinhala and Tamil New Year

Experience the joyous celebrations of the Sinhala and Tamil New Year, which usually takes place in April. Join the locals in their customs and rituals as they welcome the New Year with festivity.

Colombo Jazz Festival

If you’re a music lover, time your visit to coincide with the Colombo Jazz Festival, a captivating event that brings together local and international jazz artists.

Relax and Unwind

After an eventful day exploring Colombo, take some time to rejuvenate your mind and body.

Spa and Wellness Retreats in Colombo

Spa and wellness
Spa and wellness

Indulge in a pampering session at one of Colombo’s luxurious spas, where you can enjoy traditional Ayurvedic treatments and relaxing massages.

Yoga and Meditation Centers

Join a yoga or meditation class at one of the city’s wellness centers to find inner peace and tranquility.


Picnic at Diyatha Uyana

Pack a picnic basket and spend a relaxing day at Diyatha Uyana, enjoying the serene surroundings and the beautiful lake.

Tips for Traveling in Colombo

Before you embark on your Colombo adventure, here are some essential tips to ensure a smooth and enjoyable trip.

Best Time to Visit Colombo

The best time to visit Colombo is during the dry season, which typically runs from November to April. During this time, you’ll enjoy pleasant weather and fewer rain showers.

Transportation in the City

Transportation in Colombo City
Transportation in Colombo City

Getting around Colombo is convenient with various transportation options, including tuk-tuks, taxis, buses, and ride-sharing services. Negotiate fares with tuk-tuk drivers before starting your journey.

Safety and Security Tips

While Colombo is generally a safe city for tourists, it’s always best to stay vigilant and take standard precautions. Avoid displaying valuables openly and be cautious in crowded areas.


Travelers are enthralled by Colombo because of its array of experiences. The city has lots to offer everyone, from touring historical sites and indulging in wonderful cuisine to learning about its vibrant art and culture. Many things to do in Colombo are certain to leave a lasting imprint on your heart, whether you’re looking for adventure, leisure, or a peek into its spiritual past.

FAQs: Your Colombo Travel Queries Answered

  • Is Colombo safe for solo travelers?

Yes, Colombo is generally safe for solo travelers. However, it’s always wise to take standard safety precautions, such as avoiding poorly lit areas at night and keeping your belongings secure.

  • What is the currency used in Colombo?

The currency used in Colombo is the Sri Lankan Rupee (LKR). It’s best to exchange your currency at official exchange counters or banks for the most favorable rates.

  • What are some family-friendly activities in Colombo?

Family-friendly things in Colombo include visiting Viharamahadevi Park, taking a boat ride on Beira Lake, and exploring the Colombo National Museum.

  • What is the best way to get around Colombo?

Tuk-tuks, taxis, and ride-sharing services like Uber are popular and convenient ways to get around Colombo. Buses are also available for longer distances.

  • Are there any restrictions for visiting religious sites in Colombo?

When visiting religious sites in Colombo, it’s essential to dress modestly and remove your shoes before entering temples and mosques. Show respect for local customs and traditions.




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