Pidurangala Temple can be said to be a place that has been intertwined with Sigiriya in the past. Although Sigiriya is sometimes overlooked due to its extreme popularity, Pidurangala is not second to Sigiriya in terms of historical importance.

Pidurangala has a history that stretches back thousands of years. The history here goes back even further than Sigiriya and It has functioned as an ancient Buddhist center since the second and first centuries. It is said that King Kasyapa, who ruled with Sigiriya as his administrative center between 477 – 495 AD, built a large monastery and a Buddhist education center here and offered them to Arahath monks.

Watching sunrise at Pidurangala

Considering the way this place got its name, it is said that this place got the name “Pidu Ran Gala”( Pidu meaning is offering and ran meaning gold and gala meaning rock in Sinhala ) because the Mughal king had offered gold for the development of this temple before going to war with King Kashyapa.

Another popular opinion is that because King Kasyapa offered this stone place to the Arahath monks to build a temple, it got the name Pidu Aranya Gala and later it became Pidurangala.

Things To Do In Pidurangala


Among the travelers, they say that the best reason to go to Pidurangala is to watch the sunrise and sunset. The cliff on top of the mountain is spread over 13 acres, so visitors can sit freely and watch the sunrise sitting anywhere. You should start climbing the rock around 5 am to watch the sunrise. For this, a pass must be obtained from the ticket window near the grant gate.

When you go to watch the sunrise in the morning, you should also have a flashlight, a water bottle, and suitable hiking shoes.


The morning sunrise, as well as the evening sunset, are well visible from this rock and you should start climbing the rock as early as 3.30 in the evening. Both the morning and evening create a beautiful view and don’t forget to bring the gear that is mentioned for sunrise. Because when you come back, the environment may be dark

Explorer Temple

While climbing the Pidurangala Rock, you can enter the Buddha chamber of the Temple and explore while passing through the Pidurangala Temple.

Although it is not a problem for you to wear comfortable clothing for mountain climbing, you should cover your hands and feet while visiting the temple grounds.

the Buddha statue in Pidurangala Vihara near Sigiriya, Sri Lanka

You can also see an ancient stone inscription, a water pond, and a reclining Buddha statue during the journey. After reaching the top, you can see a 360-degree view and you can see the Sigiriya rock and several lakes. Also, a beautiful view of the Buddha statues in the temples and the hotels around Sigiriya can be seen from here.

What time does Pidurangala Rock open?

Starting issuing tickets from the temple ticket office at 5 am For the Pidurangala climb, and you can stay here from 5 am to 6 pm.

What to bring?

Water, a good flashlight, good shoes, and money are the basic things you should bring to Pidurangala.And if you wear short clothes, it is convenient to carry a cover that covers your shoulders and knees, and if you have clothes that cover your shoulders and knees it is easy to go wearing one of them.

And because there are no facilities for your hygiene in the rock area, it is very important to take care of your health before climbing the rock.

How long does it take to walk up Pidurangala rock?

The Pidurangala climb is not as difficult as the Sigiriya climb and is a 25-30 minute trek.

How hard is it to climb Pidurangala?

Compared to Sigiriya, the Pidurangala climb is a very easy climb and the road is less congested and less tiring due to the shade of the trees. Since there is no continuous mountain climbing, you can climb slowly and take breaks.